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Preemptive Retention

Preemptive RetentionGet them before they go.

These are solutions that create a tangible and emotional intervention, removing thoughts of defection before they ever occur. Creating a loyalty and retention solution that uniquely rewards customers in ways they don’t expect and adding such value to your brand, that leaving creates a loss. Preemptive retention can enhance existing consumer engagement strategies or stand alone as a retention solution.


LoyaltyThere isn't an infinite amount of new customers out there.

Making customers more loyal to your brand is about more then just rewarding them. It’s about knowing them, understanding who they are and what makes them engage with you. It’s about communication. Some of the biggest and most well-known loyalty programs fail or lose their effectiveness because of communication problems. Successful loyalty engagement means; talking to your customers like you know them, giving them relevant rewards that they can use, speaking to them often and on their terms, surprising and delighting them and knowing when and how to push rewards out instead of them pulling rewards in.

iNetLoyalty makes implementing loyalty programs fast, efficient and affordable. Our ILC™ platform serves as a container for your typical points and credits earning program, to push rewards, to free-to-fee consumer funded loyalty.

Free-To-Fee Consumer Funded Loyalty

Free-To-Fee Consumer Funded LoyaltyGive them a taste and they'll want more.

Know by another name, entitlement loyalty, Free-to-Fee is a powerful strategy to add value to a Free loyalty engagement while giving customers the opportunity to opt in for greater value by subscribing the benefits and rewards that they fund themselves. You see this typically with annual fee credit cards. The problem is, most of the benefits go unused and unredeemed.

The benefits of our approach to Free-to-Fee, is that we provide rewards that can and are used every day. We do not hide of disguise the rewards hoping for breakage. We constantly communicate to your customers regarding these entitlement benefits and encourage their ongoing use. This keeps your brand top of mind and provides unparalleled. It is important to note that consumers that actively participate in these entitlement programs are ultimately the most profitable and the most engaged.

Creative Services

Creative ServicesNot just pretty, but pretty responsive.

Outstanding creative as we define it is “creative that is acclaimed and acknowledged by our clients for adhering to and advancing their brand, but is unnoticed as something that stands out to their consumers, but instead, subconsciously influences consumer engagement with the brand and increasing their lifetime value”. Our creative uses the best practices of direct, one-to-one marketing but is organic in its implementation – constantly growing an evolving. Creative along with technology is an iterative endeavor…constantly changing. The goal is not to create the final product that will stand the test of time, but rather brilliant solutions that will evolve over time. Our clients evolve, their consumers evolve, and therefore, our creative and technology should evolve with them!

Our creative is information based. We do not develop creative in a vacuum, void of consumer insight. In order for creative to be affective, it must reflect and speak to the emotional and rational triggers that affect a consumer’s behavior. That is why we go through an extensive creative process with our clients to better understand their business, their customers, their market and any other qualities that provide insight needed to be affective. Our creative services include but are not limited to: Branding, POS/POP, Corporate Identity, Print Advertising, Direct Mail, Sales Collateral, Email Design and Marketing, Package Design, Copywriting, Mobile Design and Development, Website Design & Development, Package Design, Trade Show and more.

To enhance our marketing breadth and capabilities, iNetLoyalty has partnered with a top Chicago marketing firm, To Engage Marketing, LLC. They are experts in direct marketing, consumer engagement, branding and interactive media and have developed and executed successful campaigns for some of the largest and well-known brands in industries such as: credit cards, banking, insurance, finance, CPG and technology.


TechnologyModern, scalable, and secure.

In the electronic economy, technology is a must and no longer a luxury, or nice to have. Our infrastructure is designed to exceed the most demanding security and reliability requirements. Cloud based solutions give us the infinite scalability needed to accommodate almost any solution. It also means that you don’t pay for old fashioned and outdated servers sitting in some hardened room with someone on call, praying that something doesn’t go down. Consequently, uptime is at near 100%. You never know when the earth may stop spinning.

We also take data protection and security very seriously. We understand that all data is sensitive. From our vantage point, all data needs to be protected at all times and classified as confidential information. Our infrastructure has the highest certification levels available including: ISO 27001/27002, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 and PCI DSS Level 1.

We believe that superior service requires best in class partners. Our infrastructure service provides are well recognized leaders in their respective industries.

Our technology is fully redundant and 100% cloud based. We use Amazon AWS to host all of our production systems. All our databases are redundant, configure in multi-zones. We also host development and ancillary services on Digital Ocean. Having multiple clouds ensures we are always on, and can continue to service our clients.

Our voice and SMS infrastructure is hosted on Twilio. To control and manage our Twilio traffic we rely on a fully redundant auto-scaling Amazon AWS installation.

We believe privacy and security are strict requirements that are not negotiable. To ensure our systems meet the highest encryption standards we use Trustwave SSL certificates, and Truskeeper, for PCI compliance. Our systems are scanned every month. Being proactive is the only way we understand privacy and security.

We take consumer privacy very seriously. We do not keep any data we do not need. We are particularly sensitive about payment vehicles. Our long-standing policy has been to use industry leaders to store payment information. We do not store any payment information on any of our systems. We use Authorize.net AIM/CIM and Stripe, to process credit card transactions. On select services we also offer PayPal, as a method of payment.


Strategy Don't tell us what, walk us through why.

Many times, clients engage with us for no other reason then to pick our brains. There’s the old saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”. In many cases, companies don’t realize that they have a problem until it’s too late. That may be an extreme case, but it reflects the truth about many organizations. Sometimes companies just need an outside view to see what is going on inside the organization. At iNetLoyalty, we don’t come in to tell you what you are doing wrong or give you praise for what you are doing right. We are hired to challenge you - to provoke thoughts and new ideas and to shake up the way things have always been done or seen.

In many cases, solutions are right in front of clients, but hard to see. In other cases, a solution is a little harder to find, but with the right collaboration, the solutions reveal themselves in unique ways. We provide clients our feedback in a clear, objective and actionable manner, giving them guidance on how to implement the solutions. While we would hope our clients would consider us for the implementation, it may be more prudent to use another agency or internal resources to facilitate the end result…and we are fine with that.


MOBILEBecause that's where the consumers are.

Mobile accessibility has become a must have and not a want when creating a holistic marketing communication and loyalty solution. The mobile statistics speak for themselves:

  • 92% won't leave home without it.
  • 91% have a cell phone with them 24x7.
  • 20% higher open rate than e-mail.
  • 20 times more coupon and offer redemption when compared with paper.
  • 50% of 18 to 34 year old willing to give mobile number for special offers and coupons.
  • Mobile products and services are growing at a faster rate than all other media services combined.

We make sure that our platforms are mobile accessible and we design with mobile in mind. Whether we are developing a responsive design or an app, we make sure that consumers can engage with your solution on the device of their choice.

Hispanic Marketing

Hispanic MarketingUnderstanding this segment and how to reach it.

The US Hispanic market is one of the most diverse and varied of all consumer markets. Many companies seek to reach the Hispanic consumer, but frequently fail. One of the key reasons for not connecting with the Hispanic population is a lack of understanding. Most Hispanic marketing initiatives are merely translations of the American English version. Translations simply do not work.

Reaching the Hispanic markets requires a very special perspective and understanding. The Hispanic market is made up of at least 10 nationalities, however, most marketing efforts see it as one group, and yes there are language differences among the different nationalities.

Our approach to this market is very different. We do not translate; we re-invent and re-target your product, we neutralize the language to ensure the broadest coverage. Translating is like making a black-and-white photocopy of a color picture. It simple does not connect, or convey the message.

Analytics and Consumer Insight

Analytics and Consumer Insight When you know who your customer are, you know how to communicate to them.

Gaining insight into your customers is an integral part of influencing their behavior. If you don’t know anything about your customers, how can you ever expect engage them in any meaningful way? INetLoyalty partners with some exceptional companies that specialize in consumer data and analytics. We have chosen to partner with those companies that provide consumer insight that is actionable, otherwise why bother?

We can analyze existing consumer data, providing insight on how to act on what you already have as well as help you to capture new data. We pull that data apart and design our solutions around the information that we gain. We offer solutions that are insightful, detailed with recommendations and directions. We don’t just hand over tombs of useless information that you have not idea what to do with.

We also partner to provide Audience Propensities. Information mined from a broad cross-section of data, Audience Propensities provides statistically-validated propensities for 13 industries. They enable you to more scientifically target your audience with media and messaging the resonates and influences. You will gain insight into potential spending, in-market timing, brand affinity, media consumption and shopping behavior – all targeted to specific vertical markets.


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