It's All About The Brand...Your Brand


What makes your brand stand out? What makes it unique? What makes your customers love what you have to sell or offer and come back for more? What marries your customers to your brand? Notice that we don’t say loyal! Loyalty can mean a hundred different things to a hundred different people. Although “Loyalty” is in our name, it is the “i” that we focus on. The “i” is “you!”


We are all about you - your brand and your customers, bringing them together in such a way that they feed off of each other, increasing value, heightening perception and growing the bottom line. We work with you to develop unique ways to understand and influence your customer’s behavior; thereby affecting their heart’s and mind’s in ways that get them to take action and engage with your brand. We make customers more valuable by getting them to see the value in you. We get them to buy!

WHY INetLoyalty?

From traditional consumer engagement and acquisition to “preemptive” retention, iNetLoyalty develops customized solutions that are not right for everyone, but just right for you. We know how to get consumers to respond.

One platform – infinitely scalable!

Integrated Loyalty Channel™ (ILC™)

We have developed an infinitely horizontal scalable platform with technology and infrastructure housed in the Cloud - a platform that can be customized to any extent we need for any solution.

From traditional loyalty programs, rewards programs, membership programs, employee incentive programs to incentive and enhancement programs, our Integrated Loyalty Channel™ (ILC™) serves as the perfect pre-built platform to house your custom solutions. This keeps the costs down while speeding up time to market.

We don't win unless you win!

Partners in Your Success

If you’re looking for just another order taker, then we’re not for you. We partner with our clients, taking them through the development, creative and implementation process assuring that they are an instrumental part of the solution – whatever that may be. It is this collaborative approach, which sets us apart from other companies, assuring success - and no we’re not just saying this. If we believe that we are not the right partner for you and your brand and can’t provide the right solution, we will tell you – no hard feelings. You deserve honesty and up-front candor from anyone you partner with. Working with iNetLoyalty, you have access to any and all of the professionals touching your solution - there is no bureaucracy, no layers and no headaches.

Fully Integrated Solutions

Developing a personalized solution doesn’t mean just giving you our best thought ware – it means delivering on it. From the simplest to the most sophisticated strategies, we understand, outline and deliver the right resources needed to execute flawlessly. We integrate strategy, creative, program development, technology, infrastructure and superior account management seamlessly and effortlessly, so your expectations are exceeded and you peace of mind is intact.


Getting to understand you, your company and your products together.

Getting to know you!

Gaining insight into you, your company, your goals and expectations are key to any engagement. Solutions that effectively utilize the insights you provide are ultimately more successful and better at engaging your customers and influencing their behavior.


Getting to know your customers!

Who are your customers? What do they look like? What drives them? Gaining insight into your customers allows us to create solutions that touch their hearts and minds, causing them to take action. Do they have the propensity to buy or engage, and how do we influence that?


Developing the solution!

After we have gained all of the insight, we take that information and construct solutions. We will not just tell you what to do, and trust that you’ll believe us. We will provide our thinking, our rationale and, any and all backup information to support our chosen direction. We fine-tune this direction for you, before we ever move forward.


Constructing the solution!

Now is the time to pull all of the assets together to construct your customized solution. Benchmarks are created for each step of the construction process and you are approving each step along the way. Let us do all of the work or get involved to whatever extent is comfortable for you. Nothing launches until we receive your final stamp of approval.


Deploying the solution!

Now is the time to release the solution to your customers. Deployment proceeds as agreed upon and measurement of the solution commences. This is where we track the effectiveness of the deployment and calibrate and adjust accordingly to increase responsiveness.


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