It’s all about the Brand…your Brand!

Your brand is not just a bunch of products and services it’s also people – passionate about what they do and creating something that people really want. We help your consumers understand that. Brand = People!

Building tech that grows with infinite scalability but not infinite cost.

With infinitely scalable platforms in the Amazon Cloud and other technologies, growing is easy, fast and cost-effective.

Add value to your brand without adding expense.

We develop and implement unique programs that help increase core sales, increase lifetime customer value and generate added revenue.


Engaging your consumer through the convergence of loyalty, technology and marketing. Providing rewards that are tangible, meaningful and valuable. Product development that is customized, targeted, feature rich and unique.

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Keep consumers before they go. Once they're gone...they're gone!

Preemptive Retention

We help provide customers with valuable benefits and rewards in ways that serve as an intervention when they are given the choice to stay or to leave. We provide unique and easy ways to retain consumers, different then traditional loyalty. It’s called Push Rewards.

Keep your customers happy and you’ll keep your customers.


We understand that making customers more loyal to your brand is about more then just rewarding them. It’s about knowing them, understanding who they are and what makes them engage with you. This allows us to provide relevant rewards that customers can actually use.

Give them a taste and see what happens.

Free-To-Fee Consumer Funded Loyalty

Otherwise known as entitlement loyalty, Free-to-Fee is a powerful strategy to add value to a Free loyalty engagement while giving customers the opportunity to opt in for greater value by subscribing to the benefits and rewards that they fund themselves.

Great creative is not just pretty it performs.

Marketing and Creative Services

Our creative uses the best practices of direct, one-to-one marketing but is organic in its implementation – constantly growing an evolving. We blend outstanding creative with the latest technology to create a final product that will stand the test of time and can evolve over time. To help with the development and implementation of all our creative initiatives, we have partnered with a top Chicago marketing firm, To Engage Marketing, LLC.

Constantly evolving and changing as our clients do.


We developed an infrastructure designed to exceed the most demanding security and reliability requirements. Cloud based solutions give us the infinite scalability needed to accommodate almost any solution.

Let’s put our heads together.


Many times, clients engage with us for no other reason then to pick our brains. There’s the old saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”. At iNetLoyalty, we don’t tell you what you are doing wrong or give you praise for what you are doing right. We are hired to challenge you - to provoke thoughts and new ideas and to shake up the status quo.

We love technology and we know it.


Technology is the foundation for all for all of our programs and services. We have built platforms which scale infinitely to meets our clients varied needs and requirements. We believe that superior service requires best in class partners. Our infrastructure service providers are well-recognized leaders in their respective industries.

Our technology is fully redundant and 100% cloud based. We use multiple clouds to ensure we are always on, and can continue to service our clients.

We believe privacy and security are strict requirements that are not negotiable. We work to ensure that our systems meet the highest encryption standards for PCI compliance. Our systems are scanned every month. Being proactive is the only way we understand privacy and security.

We are particularly sensitive about payment vehicles. Our long-standing policy has been to use industry leaders to store payment information. We do not store any payment information on any of our systems.

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